Author. Disabled Veteran. Yoga Teacher

Author, Colors of Amber, A Memoir,  Disabled Veteran US Army, Yoga Teacher

“Yoga is a modern day tool for someone like me to get my foot in the door of the minds of my students and then to educate, inspire, motivate and support them to get involved in their own health and well being.”


I was born curious.  I remain that way.  I proclaimed as a teenager, that I would be an author one day.  Someone read my manuscript and said, “I want to publish this book.” (Colors of Amber, A Memoir, Dec 2013). We did.  It took 12 years to accomplish that task.  My next book is called Emotional Sequencing (2017).  I will publish 5 books in this lifetime, because I can.

Then one day while searching for a CD on the Kripalu Center for Yoga and Health website, I noticed they had scholarships to become a yoga teacher.  I filled out the application, wrote my story and was awarded the opportunity to go and heal.

I came back to Virginia with plans to move and suddenly many opportunities came along for me to teach yoga.  Someone told me, “you can’t make a living as a yoga teacher” and I immediately set out to do just that.  I have been teaching full time since 2009, have owned and operated my own yoga studio (Sterling, VA May 2012-April 2015), wrote my own Yoga Teacher Training program(s) and successfully led 7 training’s. I teach corporate yoga programs, run 8 Week Group Yoga Sessions (Yin, Gentle/Moderate), locally and have a healthy private client base.

It has been said that a teacher teaches what they need to learn the most.  I teach about love, community, the human experience and all about the amazing human body and it’s 11 eco-systems.

I live an inspired, courageous, and passionate life as a human being – one among many.

To be human is the highest spiritual calling to me.  I do not seek guidance from “above”, I seek guidance from within.

In service,


Owner, Yoga With Amber, Roots Yoga School, LLC

Veteran, Desert Storm

Author, Colors of Amber, A Memoir