Author Bio

Amber B Skylar, Yoga Teacher, Author, Human Being

Amber B. Skylar is a single mother, army veteran, yoga teacher, (past)yoga studio owner, first-time author, and motivational speaker. She champions the human body’s capacity for healthy adaptation and invites women to speak out and overcome societal limitations. Enduring poverty, emotional turbulence, and trauma in her youth, Amber grew painfully conscious of the significance and injustice of social stratification. Years later, dealing with the effects of anxiety, depression, homelessness, rape, and post-traumatic stress disorder, she undertook an intensive study of the human body—in particular the nervous system—as a means of survival.

Amber was raised in a family headed by a single mother in urban Ohio. Attempting to make sense of an austere, violent, and difficult childhood, one day she sat on a rooftop and promised herself that she would write a memoir of her life in order to speak on behalf of the silent. Just twelve, the intensity of the flame of passion forged by the promise reflected the purity of her heart and the nobility of her vision. Almost forty years later, the radiant and haunting memoir Colors of Amber powerfully realizes that promise. Smoldering for decades, Amber’s voice burns incandescently.

Amber is the founder and master teacher of Roots Yoga School, LLC (Yoga with Amber) in Ashburn, Virginia. As a Yoga Alliance registered school, Roots Yoga School provides yoga teacher training and leadership programs, workshops, and daily classes. Training and classes are designed for therapeutic benefit and emphasize navigation of pain and stress for productive daily living. She also presents to corporations and others organizations, and works with private clients.

Amber B. Skylar resides in Northern Virginia with her pet cat Kikio, lots of friends, and a loving community.