Colors of Amber, A Memoir

Colors of Amber, A Memoir  took 12 years to write.  When I was a teenage girl, I said I would write a book one day, only to be blocked by many obstacles.  That dream never left my conscious mind or an internal force within.  Read my story.  It might change your way of thinking.

One day, while miserably writing the book, I watched one my cats, nurturing/licking the other little one. It made me feel sad. I was depressed and lonely.  Connecting and trusting others was very difficult for me. I romanticized  “death”.  It was maternal to me. Comforting. I longed to stop the suffering.  When I noticed the larger cat push the baby cat out of her lap, it hit me. I too felt like my mother  had licked me clean and said “now live with it”.  Strange what goes on in our private thoughts.

From The Back Cover …


“I fell into the lap of death. It licked me clean and threw me back out there.”

Wrenching and uplifting, the shocking memoir, Colors of Amber, details Amber B. Skylar’s abuse, survival, and transformation. Raised in Ohio welfare housing, Amber describes the light, darkness, and confusion of childhood. Social stratification, sexual deviancy, and capricious violence confused Amber’s natural flourish of imagination, exploration, and intellectualization.

College brought space, but greater dangers and complexity. Mixed up with the wrong crowd and innocence stolen, Amber grew depressed and apathetic. The Army provided no sanctuary as it was also hostile to women. Mystifyingly drawn to criminal lowlifes and perverts, Amber’s destructive relationships spawned volumes of depression. A nightmarish pregnancy yielded a loving child–emotional ammunition to combat abusive men, loneliness, and circumstance. Amber’s successful business was collateral damage of 9/11, and again she entered a downward spiral of financial and emotional ruin. Lost for herself and her son, homeless, and suffering from indignity, Amber sought the will to fight once more.

With Colors of Amber, Amber B. Skylar emerges as a modern champion of women, encouraging readers to apply the spirit of the warrior to the love of the feminine. Cutting yet delicate, Colors of Amber vividly illustrates the challenges of femininity, the necessity of community, and the importance of love. Colors of Amber is a stirring tour de force, certain to inspire women to reclaim that which lies within.