Meditation. Is it right for me?


December 1


01:00 pm - 04:00 pm


Yoga With Amber, Roots Yoga School, Amber B Skylar

Email: amber@amberbskylar.com Phone: 2025905470

INERGY Kelly's Bootcamp

43083 Peacock Market Plaza

South Riding, Va, United States, 20152

Get our of your head and into your body.

Businesses are bringing meditation into the workplace.  Why?  It helps with stress.  Stress in the body contributes directly to the body’s ability to manage disease.  This workshop is user friendly.  Experiential exercises will help you learn about yourself and allow you to create simple techniques that work with your lifestyle.

You don’t have to go to Sedona (Arizona) to learn to meditate! “

There are many different styles of meditation.  You will participate and learn some of them.  You will also be surprised at what you can do with a busy lifestyle that seems to leave no time for health.

Bring yoga mat, notebook,  water, snacks, dress comfortably, and an open, receptive mind to the possibility that this workshop may bring value to your life.  Please arrive 15 minutes early.

A powerful, dynamic, experienced educator, Amber, a disabled veteran,  is also a published author of Colors of Amber, A Memoir  and is working on her next book Emotional Sequencing – A Self Help Tool for Stress Navigation

Laura Currier will also be working with Amber to organize the workshop.  Laura is a graduate of Amber’s yoga teacher training program.  She is an experienced educator and teaches yoga at various locations in Loudoun County.  Learn more about Laura at her website www.vimyogava.com.

 www.amberbskylar.com – Questions – contact amber@amberbskylar.com

Certified, Registered, Insured 2018

Aware. Observe. Connect.

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