Wednesday Gentle/Moderate Yoga

Quite, relaxing, inspirational yoga class designed to access the parasympathetic nervous system (repair, restore) through quality and skillful movement. Basic poses, emphasis on alignment and breathing.  When the body has been “working” for 11 hours (driving, work) its tired.  Sometimes, it is necessary to not push the body too hard after a long work day.  This class will relieve neck and shoulder tension, upper, middle and lower back stress/pain, and invite the student to bring attention to the body.

Refreshing yoga class. Small private group instruction.

Great for beginner, moderate level students.

8 Week Course – South Riding Proprietary, Club House – 42420 Unicorn Drive, South Riding, VA. (Down stairs to the right)

630-8 pm

Course Repeats – Can start course mid-way through.

Contact amber@amberbskylar.com

Bring yoga mat (not cushy foam mat), 2 4″ foam blocks, blanket/towel