Private Yoga

Private Yoga Sessions are 75-90 minutes – up to 2 hours

One-on-one sessions using different therapeutic techniques/modalities for stretching, trigger point pain, tight fascia, muscles activation for muscles in atrophy. Neurokinetic Therapy, Polarity Therapy, Thai Yoga and a lot of knowledge and experience is utilized to help someone in pain, too much stress, out of shape and just a busy professional in need of assistance.

When your body interacts in highly stressful environments like work, family, health concerns, and you sit at your desk, in the car, for meals, television, etc. your anatomy (fascia) adapts to the body positioning. Pain and tension is inevitable, but manageable (up to a certain point).

If you stand and work on your feet all day, your body will adapt/function to the amount of applied interactive stressors that is endured/tolerated.  It will change its use of muscles based on over use, under use, moods, diet, and stress – as directed by the central nervous system (brain, spinal cord, and peripheral nerves.  Pain, tension in your brain, organs, muscles, and on connective tissue (ligaments, tendons, fascia, vascular flow -lymph, blood)  will be affected.  High blood pressure, sciatic pain, back and neck pain, sleep disturbance, digestion is congested, thoughts racing, moods spiking – just to name a few.

It happens and its not just aging. Quality and intelligent movement can make a huge difference in healing, maintenance, and pain/stress management.

There are solutions, alternatives to medicines, and you may need help.  Change does not happen over night.

Amber B Skylar, a holistic, experienced, educator of the human body.  She offers a wealth of information based on rigorous study, applied experience, and a passion for the health of the human body.

Contact Amber B Skylar for rate inquires, scheduling.

Excellent References

Steady Client Base – consisting of different body challenges:

Blood Pressure Issues, High Cholesterol, Sleep Disturbances, Digestive Problems, Various Forms of Cancer, MS (Multiple Sclerosis) Asperger Clients, Neuropathy, Hip Replacement, Rotator Cuff injuries, Sciatica, Severe Back and Neck Pain, Disc Issues, Knee Injuries, total body pain.

I work closely with my clients medical care team.